Two Years In

Below I have copied a comment I wrote in January 2022 on an article published on Substack by a biologist who named Joomi Kim. Joomi’s website is linked below. The article, titled “I Was Deceived,” is robustly documented and I had begun sending a link to it to friends who wanted more information about the 2019 pandemic virus and the medical approaches to it. I wrote the comment because I have spent many hours a week for the last two years delving deep into the science behind the pandemic narrative, keeping family and friends who wanted to be informed up to date, and I was grateful have the compilation of references that were attached to Joomi’s story. The comment, in addition to being a thank you note to Joomi, is a brief description of my own conclusions about what has happened and where we stand now.

During the spring of 2020 I realized that something was very wrong in the medical world of COVID – terrible data collection and a peculiar indifference to attempting to treat patients with the infection until they were late in the illness, when they were essentially untreatable. In the summer of 2020, I sat down with my iPad, in a small town in the mountains, to investigate the PCR test which seemed to be the linchpin of the “pandemic,” the thing that defined the numbers that were being used to justify destruction of social bonds and economic activity. I got up two hours later, realizing that surely the people behind the lockdowns and the health care directives knew what I now knew, and I sadly came to the conclusion that the exercise we were enduring was not about our welfare, but about getting to the great vaccination project. I’ve learned more about virology and immunology and the psychology of crowds than I ever wanted to know, and have found all that you have written here – and more. I am afraid that the myocarditis and aggressive cancers are just the tip of a very large iceberg and I believe we are involved in the greatest public health disaster in history. I am very grateful to you for having compiled all of these links in one place and intend to give this article to anyone I come across who is beginning to wake up to what has happened.

You can find the January 15, 2022* article on Joomi’s Substack site, found at:

*The title on the author’s main page is “I Was Deceived.”I have deliberately linked to the author’s main page rather than to the article directly because its URL title is one that could be flagged by the WordPress administrators as disinformation. This is the world we live in now.

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