“Get Your Facts First…” Mark Twain

I began writing for the Elks Club magazine in 2005, with the goal of using clear and understandable language to give a non-medical audience usable information about the human body and its many ailments. The magazine is a national publication for the Elks service organization members, who can also access it online.  I’ve shared columns with friends who’ve asked for advice about specific ailments and with strangers whose health questions came up in casual conversation. In response to many requests, this blog will draw from those columns, updated if necessary and posted gradually, some in response to requests and some in response to current events.  Most of the writing is aimed at explaining how and why diseases happen….the facts.  You will not find many bullet points about the three or five or eight best things to avoid or to seek out to cure an ailment.  You will find some medical history and see that “facts” that “everyone knows” sometimes change. Some articles are accessible in the drop down menu on the left. Scroll down for search boxes  – subject categories and key words – to see if a topic you are looking for is covered.